Effectiveness of planned audio teaching program on menstrual hygiene in terms of knowledge among visually challenged adolescent girls, in selected blind school, West Bengal

Saonli Jha


Menstruation is an event of life that can transit a girl from childhood to womanhood. The differently abled girls also face the changes; specially the visually challenged girls who needs help in their activities of daily living. It is very difficult for the visually challenged adolescent girls to manage the menstruation. The investigator conducted a research studyto find out theEffectiveness of planned audio teaching program on menstrual hygiene in terms of knowledge among visually challenged adolescent girls in selected blind school, West Bengal.  She adopted pre experimental research design with 42 visually challenged adolescent girls by convenience sampling technique. Structured interview schedule was used to collect data. Audio teaching programme was given in between structured interview schedule. Result showed that the obtained‘t’ value (13.15) is significantly higher than the table value at 0.05 level of significance. Hence the planned audio teaching programme increased the knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene among visually challenged adolescent girls.The result also showed that there is no association between pretest knowledge score and selected variables with all other demographic characteristics. This planned audio teaching programme could be implicated to educate the large sample size of visually challenged adolescent girls and it will also meet the need of right to information.

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