Vrushali Uday Uttarwar, Ekta Choudhari, Pooja Deshpande,Priyanka Chaudhary


Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) into Wireless Communication categories has become a booming interest over last few decades, due to the increasing data rate and coverage in digital form as well as emerging growth need to organize them for communication purpose. Wireless communication has information transfer without any physical connection between points. Due to absence of ‘physical infrastructure’, wireless communication has certain advantages. This would include collapsing distance or space. Wireless communication has several advantages like Cost effectiveness, Flexibility, Convenience, Speed etc. It leads to several types out of which one is Mobile Adhoc Network. To deal with big challenge of QoS for MANET being very important. There are various routing approaches that are addressed well in literature. This paper surveys existing literature about Qos approaches to MANET.

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