Improvisation of Laboratory Apparatuses For General Science Teaching: Effects on Student’s Performance

Cinder Dianne Luza - Tabiolo


This study aimed to investigate the effects of the improvised laboratory apparatuses in General Science teaching on students’performance among first year high school students of Liloy National High School, Liloy Zamboanga del Norte during the first and second grading of academic year 2012 – 2013. Quasi – experimental design 10 utilizing the Pretest – Posttest non-equivalent Group Design was used in the study. The experimental group with 44 students was given the treatment utilizing the improvised laboratory apparatuses in General Science teaching. The teacher- made-test questionnaire comprising of 50 – item test was used to determine the pretest and posttest performance of the students in the two groups. The statistical methods used were arithmetic mean, t –test for independent samples, and t-test for correlated samples. The study revealed that Science performance of the students in the experimental group was greatly influenced by the improvised laboratory apparatuses used in General Science teaching. DepEd officials should establish a strong standard in the utilization of improvised laboratory apparatuses and provide teachers with adequate knowledge on current research findings particularly on effective use of improvised laboratory apparatuses

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