A Clinical Evaluation of Gokshuradi Churna in The Management of Mutrashmari W.S.R To Urolithiasis

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Shrinivas Y.B


Background: Ashmari has been explained in ayurvedic classics as a kaphapradhan tridoshaj vyadhi and also as one of the mahagada’s making it difficult to treat and is as fatal as death itself.  

The incidence of Urolithiasis is very common affecting nearly 12% of populations due to unique life style and dietary pattern. 50% of patients present between the age of 30-50yrs and male to female ratio are 3:1

Objective:·The aims of study is should be reduction of Size Of Stone (Mutrashmari),· Evaluate the Efficacy of Gokshuradi Churna, also · To evaluate therapeutic effect of Gokshuradi Churna in Mutrashmari  (Urolithiasis)

 Methods:40 Patient were taken for the study excluding dropouts. The patients selected for the study will be a single clinical study, consisting of 40 patients. Presenting with mutrashmari (Urolithiasis) were treated in O.P.D of BMJ Ayurvedic Medical Hospital, Gajendragad & managed between 2014 to 2015. Out of 40 patients 27 males & 13 female, detailed examinations were done as per proforma after  admission.

Results: Results were assessed on comparative studies of features of  BT, AT and AFU proforma designed especially for this study. Group shown statistical significance. Patients treated with Gokshuraadi Churna shown better response. 

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