Role And Performance of Tourism in Jammu And Kashmir Economy

Dr. Sutinder Singh , John Mohd Magray


The tourism is highly labour intensive in comparison to other sectors of economy. The tourism has a higher potentiality for employment generation. It can create stable, permanent and fulltime jobs but the demand of the man power in tourism industry during previous years in the state is not encouraging. It also indicates that the number of jobs generated depends the type of tourists, international tourists creates more jobs than domestic tourists. Since the international tourist flow to the State is low the employment generation in tourism sector is not up to the desired level.  This paper is an attempt in this direction to find out the role and contribution of tourism related departments in the state. In this study different models/techniques were used for the desired result which concludes the evidence of long-run unidirectional causality from tourism activities to economic growth of the country. Therefore, as a part of the policy implications it is necessary that all wings of the state government, includes private bodies and voluntary organizations should become the active partners in the endeavor to attain sustainable growth in tourism and overall economy as well.

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