A comparative study of Gong’s mobilization versus sustained Inferior capsular stretch on pain in Adhesive Capsulitis.

Neha Yogesh Sangani, Soumik Basu, Tushar J. Palekar, Gaurang Baxi


The shoulder joint is an elegant piece of machinery. 40 patients with adhesive capsulitis of both the genders were taken randomly, divided into Group A and Group B. Group A treated with gong’s mobilization and Group B with sustained inferior capsular stretch. 1 setting everyday was given for both groups, other exercises were continued as normal conservative management after 3 days. Both the group received treatment for 3 days. Patients were evaluated with Shoulder range of motion (Goniometer), Shoulder pain disability index, NPRS on day 1st  and day 3rd , The values are statistically analyzed to determine their effect in reducing the pain. In comparison with ROM, SPADI, NPRS  study demonstrates that both the techniques are effective in relieving pain in subjects with adhesive capsulitis. However; on comparison, gong’s mobilization showed better results to alleviate pain and improve functional measures than sustained inferior capsular stretch.

Keywords –   adhesive capsulitis, GONG’S mobilization, capsular stretch 

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