Analysis of Physico-Chemicals Properties of Soil under Different Land Use System with Special Reference to Agro Ecosystem in Dimoria Development Block of Assam, India

Juri Baishya, Suraj Sharma


Some physico-chemical parameters were selected as indicator of soil quality and were investigated in the present study under the selected different land use system in Dimoria Development Block under Kamrup District of Assam. Through the present study soil under different agro ecosystem have investigated. Orange orchard, tea plantation and rubber plantation are three different plantation sites, two shifting cultivated lend and a control site were selected for the study. 0-15 cm and 15-30 cm are two depths, used for soil sampling.  Moisture, water holding capacity, bulk density, porosity, micro and macro nutrients were selected as soil quality indicators. The result of pH value is ranging from 4.64 to 5.98 at the depth of 0-15 cm and 4.27 -5.30 at the depth of 15-30 cm. It indicates the acidic condition of soil. Study has evaluated the soil parameters with different depth. In most cases bulk density was high in lower subsoil in comparison with surface soil. Chemical parameters were found decreasing with increasing of soil depth. Micronutrients Mn, Cu, Fe and Zn were highly present at the both depth under all selected plot, Mn=13.50-16.84>3.0(ppm), Cu=1.12-4.55>0.6(ppm), Fe=10.42-20.65>5.6(ppm), Zn=1.13-3.64>1.0(ppm). Correlation has done among micro and macro nutrients and only Zn accept significant correlation with potassium.

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