A study & Implementation of Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance on a Network having Web Servers running Windows Server 2012 using NIC Teaming

Shubham R.Mandahre, Aishwarya Jadhavrao, Abhijit Powar


This Research paper gives a compressive review about how organizations handling and running Web
Servers and Services solve the Issue of Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in a Network. Traditional
methods like Reflector Servers or Manageable Switches increase the infrastructure cost and the skilled labor
cost required to manage and monitor the hardware, for an organization. The problem of Load Balancing
and Fault Tolerance troubles almost all the data centers specially the ones hosting web services which have
to manage a lot of traffic which can cause long downtimes and can cost a lot of money loss to organizations
if not properly taken care of.
A new feature added in Windows Server 2012 named as NIC Teaming (Network Interface Card Teaming)
can help organizations tackle this issue with ease without the need of extra servers and switches and in turn
saving a lot of money for the organizations.

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