A Conceptual Study on Detecting and Solving Issues by Getting Direct Remote Assistance through Connectivity

Shankar S. Pawar , Dr.Amol B. Kasture


This Research paper gives a compressive review about the Concept of Detecting and Solving Issues  by Getting Direct Remote Assistance through Connectivity. A computer has become an vital components in our lives in this age, through which people all around the world are connected. But like every machine its prone to various hardware & software vulnerabilities. This paper deals into the Possibilities of providing a much more hassle free answer to the such pesky issue we face in our daily lives . The paper elucidate the functionality of your smartphone device that enables access to your PC from any remote place i.e it turns your phone into wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your existing wireless network, lastly , it will also give u a extensive understanding of its multifarious uses in the IT sector. A new idea is realized in which the server connected to the network is connected from clients

through Wi-Fi and the users are allowed to download, edit and upload all the data available on server as well as administrators can oversee what’s happening on clients computers, control processes running on their computers, through mobile devices. This feature is provided only to a registered user with a login id and password that is specifically assigned to the said user.

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Sebastian Marius Roşu & George Dragoi, “VPN Solutions and Network Monitoring to Support Virtual Teams Work in Virtual Enterprises”,doiSerbia open access journal,Volume 8,January 2011.






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