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Performance Analysis of Controllers For AGC And AVR in Two Area System PDF
Jitendra kumar, Dr. D. K .Tanti
Skills Deficit on the part of the Polytechnic Fashion Graduates: A yardstick for their Global Competiveness. PDF
Mawutor Wovenu
An Efficient Implementation of Pseudo Chaotic Sequences (PCS) Using Vedic Mathematics in DS-SS. PDF
Nilima patle, Rahul Nawkhare
Experimental study for development of correlation between CBR and Dynamic Cone Penetration Tests PDF
Sobiya Sidiq, Rekha Devi
Performance Analysis of Twin Rotor MIMO System PDF
Debrat Kumar, Dr. Pankaj Rai
Microwave Photonic Filters PDF
Navjit kaur, Dr.Anu Sheetal
Influenced of Facebook Campaign on the Presidential Election of Sri Lanka in 2015 PDF
Wijayantha Ukwatta
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Aggressive Periodontitis Patient With Tooth Supported Overdenture: A Case Report PDF
Dr Chandan Verma, Dr S.P. Dange, Dr A. Khallikar, Dr S.A. Khallikar
The Small Farmers Empowerment Model PDF
Eko Murdiyanto, RB Soemanto, Mahendra Wijaya, Sarah Rum Handayani Pinta
Knowledge and Attitude about Snakes -A Study on Degree Students of Nursing PDF
Anju Dhir
Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification for Secure Internet Services PDF
Neethu T.D, Ayana Ajith
Vitamin A & C Supplementation in Closure of Tympanic Membrane Perforation:A Randomised Controlled Trial PDF
Rohan K. Shetty, Prashant H.Patil, N.D.Zingade, Ami0th Naragund Anil Harugop
Abandoned Object Detection in Public Areas PDF
Vrushali R. Patil, M. M. Sardeshmukh
Analysis of EDM Process Parameters Using Response Surface Methodology And Grey Relational Analysis PDF
Vishwajeet Kumar, Prof. Rakesh
Growth in Literacy of India by Using Logistic Model and Divided Difference Formula PDF
Ajay J.Patel, Dr.M.B.Prajapati