Table of Contents


Pollen Spectrum of honey samples of Apis cerana F. collected from different areas of Shiwalik hills. PDF
Avinash Kaur, V.K.Mattu
Digitizing human brain PDF
Diwijesh Prajapati,Ms Pooja Khanna
Design, Interpretation and Progression of BLDC Motor for Coreless Thruster PDF
Pawan Kumar
Synthesis and Characterization of MoS2 Thin Films Deposited by automatic CBD Method PDF
S.B.Sargar, D.J.Sathe, P.A.Chate, Z.D.Sandi, S.V.Kite
Effects of Social Media PDF
Dr.Sarvamangala, Dr.Sharmista
Soft g*s Closed Sets in Soft Topological Spaces PDF
M. Suraiya Begum, M. Sheik John
“Health Monitoring System Using Zigbee Based wearable Devices” PDF
Vijay Madhorao Bondre, Prof. Nikita Umare, Prof. Sonal Honale
“Supervisory Model for Predictive Transformer Protection And Maintenance Using Wireless Sensor Network” PDF
Ravishankar Tularam Zanzad, Prof. Nikita Umare, Prof. Sonal Honale
Framework for Ranking of Web Forum Users PDF
Saneeya Nasheed Maghrabi, Vijayashri Ambadas Losarwar
Design and analysis of elliptical leaf spring for light agricultural machines with SS304 & CFRP materials PDF
Shivaji Mahadeo Mane, S B. Bhosale
PDA Theft Detection & Continous Tracking With User Profile Recording Using Android PDF
Vijayanand K, Ravikumar K
Strength of Concrete Combined of Glass Fibre With Bottom Ash and Their Characteristics Effects For M20 PDF
Niranjan Muske Navnath, Dr. Kasnale Ashok S.
Smart ATM Access and Security System using RFID and GSM Technology PDF
Banu Priya R, Kavitha P, Ashok T, Logesh Kumar N Chandrasekar M
Open Circuit Voltage Based MPPT Tracing For Thermoelectric Generator Fed Non-Inverting Synchronous Buck-Boost Derived Converter – Part II (Hardware Studies) PDF
Rajbhushan.M , Nalini.S
Solution of Riccati Type Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation by Homotopy Analysis Method PDF
D. Das , P.C.Ray R. K. Bera