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Advantages of Implimentation of Agile Management in Consruction PDF
A. A. Athawale, Prof. A. P. Waghmare
Investigation on Basic Mechanical Properties of Jute Reinforced Polyester Composites for Patellar Implant Application PDF
Chennabassappa D Hampali, Dr.Chandrashekhar Bendigeri
Implementation of Solar Inverter for Electronic Lab Equipment PDF
Meenakshi Dixit, Dr. A. A. Shinde
Remote Data Acquisition System Based On Embedded ARM7 PDF
Snehal S. Shinde, Dr. Sachin R. Gengaje
Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement PDF
Prachi Surendra Shinde, Dr. Arundhati S
Multi Object Tracking Algorithm use in Video Surveillance Systems PDF
Abouzar Ghasemi, C. N. Ravikumar
Performance Evolution Of Induction Motor Drive Using Simplified Multilevel Inverter PDF
R.Vijayakumar, P.Rajan, Dr.Alamelu Nachiappan
Design And Analysis of Sheet Metal Die For A Fly Wheel Cup PDF
Mayuri L, P.Subramanyam
Stealth Aircraft Detection By Using Thermal Image And Laplacian Of Gaussian Algorithm PDF
Sagar Shankarrao Dake, Hemanta Kumar Mohanta, Sushma Yadav
Why The Arts Are Not Part of The Examination Family: The Case of Botswana Primary Schools. PDF
Dr. Magdeline Chilalu Mannathoko
Microstructural corrosion study of thermo-mechanical treated steel in simulated concrete pore solution in presence of chloride ion PDF
Anjani Kumar Singh, G S Das
Design and Implementation of Speed Efficient Vedic Multiplier using Verilog PDF
Ravi Payal, Udit Kapoor, Hemanshi Chugh