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An Algorithm for an upper bound of 2-domination number in circulant graphs PDF
Shobana Arunachalam, Palaniammal.S
Reducing Power Consumption in DRAM Using Partial Access Method PDF
Vaibhav Mahaling Shikhare, Shruti Oza
Efficient Architecture for RAdix-2 Booth Multiplication using 4:2 Compressors PDF
Deepak Patidar, Janardhan Chitode
FPGA Implementation of Parallel CRC Generator for High Speed Application PDF
Kiran Mane, Ramakant Khaire
Strengthening of Panchayati Raj Institution in West Bengal through Participatory Program & Management of Natural Resources PDF
Pritam Bhattacharyya
Co-Relation Of PCOS With Lifestyle Habits PDF
Amruta Amit Kothare, Priyanka Agarwal, Nidhi Gada, Shailaja Rane, Anupma Harshal
All About Dentigerous Cyst- A Review Article PDF
Tanushri, Mishra Neeta, Ahmad Naeem, Bashir Taseer, Chauhan Ashish
Commercial Bank’s Performance On Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana PDF
Dr. C. Paramasivan, R. Kamaraj
The Current Perspective Study of Philosophical And Educational Thought of Maharishi Aurobindo Ghosh And Swami Vivekananda PDF
Mamta Sakta, Dr.Om Singh
Suitability of VANET Protocols For Different Scenarios PDF
Ghanishtha Narang, Yogesh Juneja
Synthesis of Some Tri-Substituted Imidazoles From Benzil Condensed With Different Aromatic Aldehyde And Ammonium Carbonate or Ammonium Acetate Without Catalyzed Reaction. PDF
Kabita D Saud,Naila Sain, Nasira Surve, Reshma Khan R.P Chavan,Satu T. Chavhan
Forward Aware Factor Based on Energy Balanced Routing Method PDF
N.Baskaran, K.Vidhya
Synthesis, Spectral Studies & Antimicrobial Activity of Antimony (III) Benzoyl & p-Substituted Benzoyl Piperidyl Thiocarbamyls. PDF
Anish Ghuraiya,T.R. Thapak, Arpan Bhardwaj, Suresh Kumar Verma, Nayma Siddiqui
Usage of Machine Learning Techniques in Agriculture Sector PDF
Mamatha Reddy
A Study on Acid Resistance of Concrete Using Mineral Admixtures PDF
K.Lokesh, R.Rani Anupama, M.Satishreddy
Parametric Study on Superstructure of Extradosed Bridge With Girder Bridge And Cable Stayed Bridge PDF
Vijay Parmar,Dr.K.B.Parikh
A New Approach For Interaction And Parameters-Best Fits Model In Hierarchical Log Linear Models For N-Dimensional Contingency Tables. PDF
Okoli, C.N, Okoli, D.N
Comparison of Graphical (Chernoff face) and non-graphical method by analysing the quality of infrastructure in Indian School Management PDF
Dr. Rita Abbi
Despeckling of Cranial Images Using Wiener Filter PDF
Rajani Gupta, Ruchita Gupta, D.K. Tyagi
Implementation of Sensorless Vector Control Technique based on MRAS Speed Estimator for Parallel Connected Induction Motors PDF
Channabasava Hiremath,Dr. Puneet Kaur
Cleiloscopy- A Reliable Method For Human Identification PDF
Dr.Humaira Nazir, Dr.Imran Nazir Salroo Dr.Fouzia Nazir, Dr. Waseem Shah
Exchange Rate Volatility and Trade Flows in Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Bounds Testing Approach PDF
Sebastian O. Uremadu, Wilson U. Ani, Okwuchukwu Odili,
Investigation of the Inhibitory Action of Brachystegia Eurycoma (Achi) Seed Extracts on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in 2M HCl by Method of Weight Loss PDF
Samuel N, Ogah S.P.I, Obike A, Igwe J.C, Ogbonna I.V
A Review on Design of Low Power Asynchronous Viterbi Decoder for Wireless Communication PDF
Piyush S.Varadpande, Dr. M. B. Mali
Analysis of Roller of Roller Gravity Conveyor And Validation PDF
Dhiraj Pyarelal Sanghavi, Prof.D B Sadaphale, Pratik k Satav
An Analytical Model For The Prediction of Lift On Rotationally Oscillating Cylinder Under No Resonance Condition With Hard Excitation PDF
Jaweed Shaikh, J.S.V.R. Krishna Prasad, Ankit R Gohel
Spin-orbit interactions in concentric double quantum rings PDF
Hojjatollah Khajeh Salehani, Hamidreza Khanzadi
Magnetohydrodynamics Flow of an Elastico-viscous fluid in porous medium PDF
Sushila Chand Pradhan, Swagatika Das, Dr.Jaya Prakash Panda
Decentralized Access Control Scheme For Secure Datastorage in Clouds PDF
U. Padmapriya, A. Chandra Obul Reddy
Device–to-Device (D2D) Cellular Communications: Energy Efficient Resource Sharing PDF
Pankil P. Taranekar, Prof. V. V. Dixit
Fair Rendez-Vous Point Location Determination On Mobile Devices With Privacy PDF
U. Haripriya, K. Ramadevi
Self Destructing Data System For Distributed Object Based Active Storage Framework PDF
Bharati Narayan Kamde, Jayant Adhikari, Sulbha Parate
Color Image Encryption : A Novel Approach PDF
Sudhir Kumar Gupta, Vikas Mittal, Mohit Rathore
The War for Talent in the Knowledge Economy: An HR Perspective PDF
Dr. Navreet Kaur
Review on Fuzzy Approach to Sentence Level Text Clustering PDF
Bhushan M. Kulkarni, Prof. S. A. Kinariwala
Characterization of Electrodeposited Ni-Cd Thin Films PDF
Priyanka Wagela, R.K.Pathak
A Literature Survey on Different Loss Minimization Techniques used in Distribution Network PDF
Avik Metia, Smarajit Ghosh
Design And Analysis of Spillway Radial Gate PDF
G. Chandra Mohana Reddy, Subramanyam.B