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The Usage of Extinction And Positive Reinforcement Procedures To Reduce The Tantrums Behavior on Early Age Children With Autism PDF
Ni Luh Putri
In vitro and in vivo analysis of common weeds extracts for the management of fruit rot of tomato caused by Alternaria alternata PDF
Madhu Gupta, Sushil Sharma, Shri Prakesh Bajpai
Space Based Solar Power Generation PDF
U.K.Gidge, P.G.Mahajan Prof. R.U.Kale
Acclimatization of potent fungal strains for hyper production of β-glucanase PDF
Wasim Yasinbhai Baagwala, Nisha K. Shah,Divya M. Buha, Krishna R. Atalia
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Some Rural Areas of The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. PDF
N.A Jibrin, F.M Mairami, H.U Husseini
Liquid Level Control of Multi Tank System And Their Performance Analysis PDF
Vinay Kumar, Rekha Jha
Animal Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi and Wireless Sensor PDF
Leena Narayanan, Dr.T.Muthumanickam, Dr.A.Nagappan
Design of SD Host Controller For On An ALTERA DE2 Board PDF
Daphne.R.Jennifer T.Shanthinisha, C .S Manikandababu Shelvaraju
A Minimum HOP Count Based Energy Effective Approach To Optimise Routing In WSN Research Article PDF
Rachna, Nishika
Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in 0.5 M Sulphuric Acid Solution by Coco NuciferaWater PDF
Rupesh Kushwah, Rajesh Kumar Pathak
Risk Management in Banks PDF
D.Srividya, Dr.D.N.M Raju
The Analysis of The Influence of Exchange Rate, SBI Interest Rate, Inflation Rate, Dow Jones Index And Nikkei 225 Index To IHSG PDF
Suprihati MM
Evaluation of Strength of Plain Cement Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Meta Kaolin & Fly Ash PDF
Nikhil Kishor Kulkarni,Ajay A. Hamane
Drive Control High Resolution PWM Creation Using FPGA And Observance On Digital CRO PDF
Prof. C. S. Patil, S. M. Mansute, R. S. Shimpi
Economic Self-sufficiency and Financial Hardships among Elderly Tribal Women in Himachal Pradesh: An Empirical Study PDF
Dr. Sujit Surroch
The Effectness Of Investment Opportunity, Financing Company, Profitability, Cash, And Market To Book Value To Dividend Payment Policy (A Case Study Of Manufacturing Company Listed In Indonesian Stock Exchange In 2008-2011) PDF
Wikan Budi Utami
Agricultural Extension Models For Enhance The Entrepreneurial Behavior of Corn Peasents In South of Lampung, Indonesian PDF
Yuniar Aviati, Ravik Karsidi, Drajat Tri Kartono, Sapja Anantanyu
Basics of Artificial Immune System and Its Applications PDF
Swati Phogat , Nipin Gupta