Table of Contents


A Stegnographic Method For Secure Communication And Access Control Using Web Service Container PDF
B.Padmini, Dr. N. Chandra Shekar Reddy
Acid Leaching for Metallic Impurities Evaluation of Some Mineral Ores in Nigeria PDF
R.L. Tyohemba, S. K. Emgba
How To Design A Sustainability Program of Corporate Social Responsibility’s Implementation In Public Health PDF
Nasrul Z, Totok Mardikanto Mohamad Harisudin, Ahmad Arman Subijanto
Image Stegnography Using Cipher BIT PDF
Manisha R.Ghunawat, Prof. Neha Khatri-Valmik
Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System PDF
N.Chaitanya Kumar Reddy, R.Maheswar Reddy, P.Malleshwar Reddy
Women Self Efficacy of Poor Households Within Productive Economic Actvities In Ex-Surakarta Residency PDF
Suminah, Sunarru Samsi Hariadi, Sri Widodo, Sri Peni Wastutiningsih
Effective Cloud Computing In Mobile Communications PDF
Jyothi Ponnam, Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy Geetha
An Enhanced Blood Vessel Detection Using Curvelet Transform Classified By Scoring Algorithm PDF
G.Divya Harika P. L. S. Narasimha Rao
Vibration Analysis of bent pipes using FEM PDF
Saritha Pabolu,P.Haseena Bee
Design Neural Network For Compression & Decompression in Analog Signal PDF
Neha B.Kale, Vishal B.Padole
Detection of Estrus in Intensively Kept Red Sokoto Goats 24 Hours Post Administration of Luchis Estrus Milk Leading To Estrus Synchronization PDF
Oluchi Nnenna Nwankudu
Power Quality Improvement in Microgrids By Repetitive Cascaded Current -Voltage Control With Load Using Hybrid Voltage Source PDF
M.Supujitha Sukumar , R. Madhusudhan Rao
RASTA-PLP For Speech Recognition of Articulatory Handicapped People PDF
Prof. Sanjivani S. Bhabad, Kamaraj Naidu
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial activity of Arsenic (III) derivative of the type (C16H15N2O3X)AsCl of Biological Potent Mixed ligand Complexes of acetate and pyrazolinates PDF
Jeeven S. Solanki, Arpan Bhardwaj, N. Kapil , D.S. Raghuwanshi
An Enhanced Comparitive Analysis of Functional And Non-Functional Broad Side Over Testing Using Scan Chain Reordering Technique PDF
K. Rajitha, Prof T.Rambabu
63x37 EGLDPC Error Detection Using Majority Logic Decoder PDF
K.sirisha, Prof T.Rambabu
LFSR 16 BIST FPGA For Identifying Path Delay PDF
T.Rupa, Prof Jagan Mohan Rao
A Multi Processor Unit on FPGA SoC With Risc Bus PDF
P. Vardhani, Prof T.Rambabu
An Efficient Power And Time Optimized Multibit Flipflop Design Using Clock Gating Technique PDF
Indira priya mavya Bolla G.Shekar reddy Prof. S.Kishore babu
Low Complexity Range Measurement System PDF
V. Padma, K.Anitha
LARS: An Efficient and Scalable Location-Aware PDF
Bhavana Dhake,Dr.S.S.Lomte, Prof.R.A.Auti, Yogesh R Nagargoje,Balkrishna Patil
Learning Based Semi-Autonomous Controller For Coal Mine Rescue Robot Using Embedded System PDF
S.Priyadharsini,S.Hemalatha V.Preethisri
Sex Discrimination on Career Choice of Boys And Girls in IMO State Secondary Schools PDF
Tina Nweze
Innovative Strategies For Enhancing Study of Mechanical/Metalwork Technology In Nigerian Higher Education Institutions PDF
Dr. Elisha N. Elom Editor
Quality Assessments of Water in Selected Waste – Dumping Site Areas PDF
Joseph.O. Adams , Ezekiel A. Adetoro
Online Shopping: An Empirical Study in West Bengal From The Customer Point of View PDF
Debansu Chatterjee, Indrajit Ghosal
Impact of Industrial Effluent on Soil quality in around Gajraula Industrial Area (U.P) PDF
Mohit Tyagi, Anchal Panwar, Ashwani Kumar Archana Tyagi, Hariom Tyagi
A Novel Approach For Explicit Skin Lesion Detection From Digital Images PDF
N.Ezhilventhan, S.Sathiya
Resource Allocation for Cooperative Communication Using Game Theory PDF
N. Siva Naga Malleswari, K. Phani Rama Krishna Md. Habibulla
Performance Evaluation of Outage Behaviour Of Cooperative Diversity In Wireless Networks PDF
P.Sahithi, Md.Habibulla, K. Phani Rama Krishna
Brain Tomography Image Fusion Using RFDCT PDF
Kukkamalla Santhi, Kaza Madhu Krishna
Effect of Sand and Dust Storms on Millimeter wave Propagation Signals in Western Rajasthan Region at 35 GHz Untitled PDF
Minaxi Vyas , Pragate Tomar, Sandeep Rankawat, D.R. Godara
Optimizing The Process Parameters on Tool Wear of Tungsten Carbide Insert When Machining of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Material PDF
Nithyanandhan.T , Kannakumar.R , Suresh Kumar-P , Vijayakumar-N.S
Impact Assessment of Entrepreneurship Development Knowledge and Enterprise Performance: A case study of Kulgam District of Jammu and Kashmir PDF
Dr. Radha Gupta, Muzzafar Ahmad Bhat
Experimental Study of Thermal Performance of Heat Pipe With Boron Nitride/Water Nanofluid PDF
M.A.Anwar , D.P.Kamble, Dr. P.S. Utgikar