Table of Contents


The Review Paper Comparing Sobel And Canny With Genetic Algorithm And Novel Approach PDF
Preeti Adhana1, Rajesh kumar Singh2
Safety Information Needs, Sources and Behaviour of Artisanal and Small Scale Miners in SouthWest Nigeria PDF
Igwe E.G1, Egbunonu C.M2, Nwagwu W.E3
Comprehensive Analysis of Power Quality Indices PDF
Surbhi Singh1, Tilak Thakur2
IFRS and Indian Current Scenario PDF
Dr. A. Vinayagamoorthy
Address Resolution Protocol Poisoning And Efficient Algorithm For Poisoning Wired Networks PDF
Mohana1, Sagar R2, Anitha S3,Gayathri C Mouli4
Application of Electrical Resistivity method in groundwater exploration in the fractured crystalline basement aquifers in Buma in the East Gonja District of Northern Ghana. PDF
Appiah Seth1, Mensah Philip Kwasi2, Gyasi Daniel Antwi3
Measuring Software Reliability and Release Time Using SRGM Tool PDF
B. Anni Princy1, Dr.S.Sridhar2
“Factors influencing early and late Detection of Breast Cancer Among perimenopausal Egyptian Women” PDF
Aziza Tosson Labib Soliman, Amira Ahmed MORSY
Faintly b-continuous functions PDF
ARVIND KUMAR, VINSHU Kr., Dr. Bhopal Singh Sharma
A Implementation Paper on Modeling & Detection of Camouflaging Worm PDF
Minal Naik 1, Komal Ajgaonkar 2, Manisha Kumbharkar3 , Sonal Nadarge4 , Rohini Agawane5
A Cluster based Energy Efficient Mobicast for Under Water Sensor Networks PDF
AP Nasna1, G.K.D Prasanna Venkatesan2, N Angayarkanni3,
Performance Analysis Of Different Ann Structures In Classifying Brain Mri Images For Various Training Data PDF
Swetha K. T1, Sharath Kumar K. T2, Sanath Kumar M. T3, Basavaraj L4
Impact of globalisation on Indian organization PDF
satyanarayan Mahapatra, Minu Sharma
Significant Transmission of Multi -hop Heterogeneous Networks for medical Applications PDF
D .Vara Prasad1, S.Swetha2
Detection Of Exudates in Retinal Image Using Neural Network Classifier PDF
R.SriRanjini1 , P.Nagasaratha2
Amarjit Singh1, Rajvir Singh Ghuman2